Jointer and planer

Hey everyone, I meant to take some photos of the below, but forgot until I got home last night :sweat_smile:

Jointer: gouges in wood

When I was using the jointer on some boards I was going to glue up, I noticed that it was creating a fairly sizable gouge in the face of every board I ran through.

I looked at the blades, and I believe one of them may be chipped. It’s one of the blades near the center. Also, the blade closest to the user on one end seems to be facing the opposite direction of the other ones? Not sure how else to describe it, no clue if that’s intended. Kinda like this: / / / / \

Planer: dust collection

Also, for the planer, I was using it yesterday, and for some reason the dust collector wasn’t turning on. I believe someone flipped a breaker though (the sanding area one?) and it started working.

Despite the collector being on though, the planer was still shooting tons of chips/sawdust out of the infeed side. I vacuumed out the clog in the pipe manually, and that didn’t change anything. I also checked all the blast gates, they were all on auto and seemed to be working (only planer one was opened.)
I checked the can near the station as well, and there seemed to be a good amount of suction. Not sure what the issue is.

Sorry this post is kinda long :sweat_smile:

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No apologies for the post needed, thanks for all the details. It actually helps us a lot when you describe the problems with that much detail. I’ll look into these issues today.

The dust collection bag on the vacuum near the table saw had a big hole in it and the duct tape had fallen off. We replaced the bag so hopefully that helps.

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Rotated the teeth that were in bad shape, seems to be cutting smoothly again.

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Thanks for doing that!