Jointer and planer not cleaned again

Planer covered in pine shavings. Spruce or other construction lumber. Please clean the equipment off when you are done.

That is strange. I was working on the drum sander last night. The last person on the schedule cleaned up and left. An unscheduled person made a mess between 10 last night and this morning.

Maybe someone should check the cameras if there is a person not only leaving a mess but also not following our covid policy.


Are the key fob accesses tracked? I bet you could also find the guy who comes in without booking time that way.


We do have logs for every key swipe, however it’s currently only accessible while physically at the space (many of the cameras in the space are a similar setup). We did just put a payment down on a new system that we’ll be able to access from anywhere though, so in the coming months (depending on hardware delivery and installation time) this will no longer be a barrier to enforcement.