Joiner not set at 90

Hey y’all, first time posting so let me know if this isn’t where this is supposed to go. I went to use the joiner yesterday evening and it is not set at 90 degrees. I tried adjusting the fence but it would not cooperate. Does anyone have experience tuning it up? Don’t want anyone else using it and thinking that its a true 90!

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Heya Jon,

The jointer fence has been having some challenges of late, and the woodshop stewards are looking at some ways to fix this problem. But thanks for mentioning, and it’s always good to bring your concerns up here.

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The instructios on how to square the fence to the jointer are on the machine to the right of the fence locking handle. The wrench needed is on a magnet to the left.

I think the problem is with the height of the outfeed table and not the fence or the mechanism to control the right angle. I had problems squaring up when the fence was brought in, such that only 7- or 8 inches of cutting teeth were exposed. However, when I pushed the fence back such that >8 inches were exposed, the fence squared up. The fence rides on a small wheel. The transition point from non-square to square came when the wheel transitioned from riding on the actual outfeed table (the highly polished silver metal table) to where it rides on the black metal behind the outfeed table. The outfeed table is at a very slightly different height than the frame behind it, and the discrepancy only seems to come into play when the cutting width exceeds a threshold distance. I was able to get it square by increasing the width of the planing area.
Please take this observation for what it is worth. It may have nothing to do with the problem, and I defer to the expert stewards who have researched this problem.

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I helped someone square the fence this morning.
But I didn’t catch their name.

You are right for the most part. But the fence comes of square rather easy even when that bearing is not in play. In other words when the fence is all the way to the back. Also, it should not come off square by just moving the fence but it is. So two different situations with a common problem. The only thing that may be is the bushings or rods that the fence ride on to move in and out are worn in some areas. I did not want to fully separate those from the bracket to check because i feared that if it doesn’t go back together, the shop would be left with no jointer. Right now there is a solution a PITA but a work around. Im reaching out to Laguna to see what they say. But until then, keep checking for squared fence.

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Thanks so much.
I just want to give a shout out to you that we all appreciate the hours and hours of work you have put into solving this.

Yes thank you!