Join the CNC Topography class!

Hi All! I’m teaching a CNC project class on 12/9 where you will learn how to make a 3D topography carving!

It’s actually easier than you’d think and a great project for CNC beginners and advanced users alike! Topography carvings make a great personalized gift for the holidays :wink:

The class will cover

  • where to download topography data as svg files (domestic and global)
  • importing files to vcarve and scaling your map for best visual effect
  • cnc bits, feedrates, toolpath tips and tricks
  • adding extra features like resin lakes and rivers, shape outlines, pockets for candle stick holders, etc
  • tips for mounting and machining on our laguna CNCs
  • troubleshooting tips

Example: Mt. Bonnel heart ring holder. This example is on the table in the lobby for you to check out.

Example: Utah mountain range

Sign up here:


Is the intro to CNC a prerequisite?

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Thanks, I missed that!

Yes, you’ll need to have done the cnc intro class so you have access to book the cncs, and you’ll want to be familiar with vcarve a little bit. There are two beginner cnc classes scheduled before the topography class!

Signed up!

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Nice. An idea for a topography project popped into my head last week, and I was just thinking “How best to learn the techniques?”… turns out you answered that. :cowboy_hat_face:

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It seems to me that this would be useful for anyone wanting to do 3D contoured designs on the CNC, whether they arise from real world topography or not.

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@mgmoore kind of. Vcarve doesn’t have any good 3D designing features if you’re desigining from scratch, but if you already had the 3D design you could use the same principles from the class to program it for machining.

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One spot left!

We just added two more dates to the calendar!

Sat Dec 17th at 10am (still time to wow someone with a topography gift!)
Sat Jan 14th at 4pm