Jobs on Hermes & Apollo (Remy Monraz))

This is for Remy Monraz (name per Skedda). I tried to message you direct, but your name would not come up in the messaging field?

Anywho, I have removed your completed print from Hermes and set to the side (within the printer cabinet).

Also, it seems you have a large job actively running on Apollo. I would have appreciated a message or post on this forum to let me know you will be using the printer (Apollo) that I had previously scheduled.

In any case, I am letting your print continue to run on Apollo. I am now using the empty printer Sunwukong for my print (which you seem to have booked?).

I will be back later today to collect my prints.

thank you

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Hi christopher, thank you, yes that was my intention, i reserved sunwukong so you could use it during that time slot. I mistakenly started the print on Apollo prior to seeing you had it reserved, so reserved another slot so you could use it.