Jet Bandsaw Fixed with notes

When I came into the shop yesterday the Jet (small,white) Bandsaw was red tagged because the blade was broken. I replaced the blade today and have a few notes/questions about the machine.

  • Some set screws are missing from the lower guide. It would be great if we could get some replacements.
  • The tires only seem to cover 2/3 of the wheels. Is this by design or did someone buy the wrong size?
  • The tension adjustment was set so high when I opened it that the upper wheel was stuck and had bent the housing. Hopefully this was just someone futzing with the knobs after it broke but it could also be that overtime people adjusted it to its max travel as the blade stretched.
  • Does anyone know the last time the blade was replaced? I know the last time I used this saw ~2weeks ago the blade had a significant bend in it that cause very jagged cuts and it sounded like this bend was actually hitting the side of the housing.
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Thank you for replacing the blade and looking over the saw.

-The set screws sometimes fall out and need replacing.
-We purchased the wrong size tire a while back. It works. When it fails or someone feels strongly about it. We will change it.
-Yikes on the tensioner being that tight.

The missing bolt was installed and the saw got a quick tuneup