iVac system probs

OK I had a look at the old iVac dust collector power switch that stopped working. I don’t see where it had anything to do with the load. The relays aren’t damaged. Looks like the logic control just stopped powering up.

However, there were two other problems:

  1. The tool sensor on the table saw does not transmit. It DOES sense the table saw, the LED comes on. However, the table saw blast gate (separate RF receiving device) does not receive, and the dust collector power switch doesn’t receive. Both of these devices actually check out ok. The tool sensor is powered, its DIP switches are correctly configured, and like I say it triggers on the tool (also it has an “ON” switch to force it to transmit). Nothing sees it.
  2. the blast gate on the miter saw is unplugged. Testing shows the unplugged 16V DC power supply wall wart for it is dead, but the blast gate is fine. I put the wall wart in the cabinet with the old iVAC switch.

Seeking to at least consolidate what works, I moved the working blast gate power supply over to the miter saw and reconfigured so the table saw is the default always-on gate. In hindsight I probably should have swapped the tool sensors so the table saw triggers the dust collector, as that one is more critical, but moving the sensor requires unscrewing it and recalibrating the trip point. OK, but it should be on the table saw.

Anyhow, need a new tool switch and a new blast gate power supply.

Thanks @dannym

Thanks I have a set in back, I’ll leave it by the dust collector or if I have time I will install it.