iVac stays on a really long time

Fyi, the iVac system is staying on for a really long time- well over a minute. I’m not sure if this is by design or something is wrong with the system. I double checked and all switches are on auto. Reporting this as I know there has been a good amount of troubleshooting with the system.

? That would be strange. The iVac switch can be set for 0, 5, 15, or 45 sec. We set for 45. Still, it is uncanny how that seems to always be the exact time that someone will leave it to prep the next cut, the motor stops just as they start to make the next cut and trigger a restart. Seriously, they should have a 2 min selling.

Anyhow, a sensor can be set to “ON” and it will force its blast gate open and force the dust collector on, but that’s indefinitely, not just for “longer”. You will not readily notice the blast gate being open, you will just note that no tool is running and the dust collector stays on forever. Yet flow will be reduced somewhat because there is a gate left open unnecessarily. Unless you actually use the tool with the gate forced open, that will suck like normal