iVac Contactor

I apologize if this is in the wrong category. Does anyone have any experience with installing an ivac contactor? I recently updated my dust collection from the Dust Right 650 to the 1250CFM and one annoying things is that because it doesn’t use a traditional power switch I can just use my Ivac switch. Ivac makes the contactor for this kind of use case but it requires it to be wired into the dust collector and I’m not comfortable enough with installing it myself and curious if anyone here has experience with installing one or could suggest someone who I could hire to install it.

Why would you need a contactor for the Dust Right 1250? It’s only 1.5hp, which is within the rating of the 120V ivac switch.

Even if you want to use a contactor, there’s no need to wire it into the dust collector. Just put a cord with an outlet on the contactor output and plug the dust collector into it.

Unfortunately, the 1250 uses a momentary power switch on top as well as the primary switch so you can’t just turn it on by applying power to it. The 650 just had the primary power switch so you could use it with a traditional Ivac or any other dust collection automatic switch as you can just leave the power switch on and it will kick on when it has power but the 1250 doesn’t work that way.

What ivac contactor supports momentary power? They directed us to the magnetic switch controller, which doesn’t appear to be sold in the US.

They sent me documents specific to the contactor with the 1250 which as far as I can tell bypasses the momentary switch but wiring to the motor controller itself.

I can’t seem to attach files here but I can share them via Google Drive if you want to take a look.

I can just share a screenshot with the wiring diagram but there is also an instruction document.

Ah, I see what they’re doing. The contactor is just in-line with the existing controls so iVac only works when the factory switch is “on”. Keeps all the existing thermal protection stuff unmolested. The 10HP contactor is wildly overkill for a motor this size, but it’s the only thing in their catalog that does the job.

The magswitch controller essentially ORs the controls - either the factory ‘ON’ button or ivac can start the system, and once it’s running either the factory “OFF” button or ivac can stop the system.

Any chance I could hire you to install one or does anyone know of an electrician that I could hire to do it? I don’t mind working with small DC circuits but that’s a bit out of my comfort zone.