It's official!

The IT team helped us make it happen – is now switched over to our new friendlier website and all old links will properly redirect to the wiki’s new home. If you haven’t checked out the new site yet, give it a look! There’s an important navigation menu on it “Members” which gives you a direct link to the wiki, your Neon portal, Skedda, and this Discourse. We’re still working on some improvements and would be happy to hear your feedback especially if you run into any issues using it or see any errors (like the top logo when viewing in mobile).

If you are interested in getting involved with the IT team, reach out to and let us know what you’re interested in.



In the FAQ the teenage member information still has the placeholder value of:

<teenager information here>

Looks good!!!

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Any reason not to pull the old front-page content off the wiki now?

If everything we need is on the new homepage, the wiki main page should be an intro to the wiki / knowledgebase I think

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Good catch @keeganb! We’ll take that off until the committee working on that policy comes back to the board with their work.

I don’t see any reason @Jon, that sounds like a good plan to me!

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FYI – apparently the website went down this morning for a few hours. The AWS instance showed as up and running, so not totally sure what happened there. I had to full stop the server, then restart it (rebooting did not work). I’m monitoring our website in LogicMonitor and it did go into alert this morning around 7:45a (dashboard link here – expires in 7 days). I’m going to set alerts for our website to email me when it’s down for more than 30 minutes so we know early on when this happens. I can expand that to email the IT team if people are cool with that. Might need to expand the perf on the server hosting.

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OK, completed a first pass. The “wiki” link goes to a page about the wiki and the menu is updated to be more focused on wiki content. I noticed some of those pages are in need up updating; i’ll work on that in the coming days.

I’m interested in any feedback on the new menu layout.

The old homepage is still in the wiki for historical interest, including the old menu-bar items.


This is great! Thanks y’all for these updates! Yay! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: @Jon, as I’m imagining you’ve seen, there are a lot of wiki how-to and policy content pages apart from the front page – I’m guessing you have eyes on this, but would it be helpful to have more eyes going through and looking for other google-able info that we would no longer be updating and can remove?

I really like the new menus @Jon, very sensible! Can you add this page about becoming a B-share to the membership menu?

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Yep, got it!

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Yes, more eyes would definitely be appreciated!

As a general rule I prefer to mark pages as obsolete and including a new link if applicable rather than just delete them outright, but we can delete page content where it’s confusing people (interested parties can find old versions in the edit history)

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Not sure if it matters but on the tools page for the new website it states there is an Ender 3 when in fact it is a CR-10.

I’d say it matters! Thanks for pointing that out, just updated it. Much appreciated.

We have a CR10 and an Ender printer. It was lent out during covid for mask printing. I will have them bring it back.

Oh thanks @JoeN! So I should add back Ender 3 to the list?

I’m going to message him to bring it back. I would wait till it is back in the building.

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