It's here! Introducing ASMBLY!

We’re been busting our buns this year to make this happen and we did it! The years of talking about being a nonprofit have culminated to this moment – we are now operating as ASMBLY - Austin largest nonprofit makerspace! :tada:

Check out the promo video I put together over the last week (thank you all who willingly let me film you last week!).

We’re also ready to get LOUD with our fundraiser!
Please share this as far and wide as you’re willing! Even if people aren’t in the area, it’s great for us to get our name out and be known all over! You never know where a potential sponsorship may come from.

Extra thanks to all who have made time to come to meetings over the last several months and help develop this. Deepest thanks to @wdnatx, @astc, @Jon, @JoeN, and @EricP who have all been working incredibly hard to bring this dream to fruition. There’s a lot more work to do, but we’ve got a super solid foundation poured!