ISO Laser pro engraver for bridesmaids project before 6/10!

Hi lasers team! I just became a member of ASMBLY last month and will like to eventually take the lasers class but I am kind of in a time crunch right now. Does anyone here run something similar to an Etsy shop? I need 4 Simply Modern tumblers lasers engraved before Saturday (6/10) afternoon for a bridesmaid proposal.

I wanted to jump in here and ask to support one of our members business before going to a local shop.

Let me know! Thanks!

@Jordanva2 is your girl :slight_smile:

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Yay! Thanks! How can I get in contact directly with her? I went to her profile but there is no message button or anything. New to discord! :slight_smile: lol

If Jordan or other members are too busy. Talk to Neville at Austin Engraving Solutions.

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Thank you for the referral, Joe!

Just PM’d you her email @vixnfoxdesign-Anggie

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Thank you so much everyone! Grateful for this community!