Is there a " Dado set?

Hi Everyone! do we have a 1" dado set at the workshop?

There is a day set, but I don’t recall if it goes out to an inch. I’m bringing a new set of shims on tomorrow. But I’ll be taking the dado set to drop it off to be sharpened. That will be at the end of the day. The dado set will be gone through next weekend.

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The SawStop ICS spec says max dado width is 13/16". That’s limited by the length of the arbor - go any wider, and the nut won’t fully engage with the arbor threads.

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Apologies I meant 1/2"- thanks I will plan to setup for dados next weekend!

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That’s a much more reasonable size :slight_smile:

The dado set wouldn’t be back by next weekend. Woodcraft picks them up Tuesday and gets them back the following Tuesday. Since you’re planning on using it, I’ll do it another week. There will be shims now. It works okay, but can burn a little bit and a little heavier tear out. No big deal, if you plan for it.