Is the new metal fiber laser cutter running yet?

I cant seem to find the thread for this, and i was wondering if there were any updates on it

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Its not running yet, but work on it is moving along. I would say the target date should be around the beginning of the year.


What portions of the metal shop are back online? Can I weld again?

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Welding is back online, as is most of the Electrical upgrades are still being completed, so some equipmemt is getting shuffled around.

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I’m new. What will we be able to do with this?


Edit: got it. 3/8 mild steel. Rad.

For the most part, I’ve been telling people to expect a max of 11 gauge (1/8") when using shop air. At a kilowatt, we could probably go up to 6mm, but with thicker material comes more risk of damage.

We’ll have a better understanding once it’s running.

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Awesome. That is sooooo cool.

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