Is the last autobay/metal shop user alight? looks like they left in a rush

Looks like someone was using the metal shop and rushed out because they left matal cuts on the table, metal shavings around the drill press, didn’t sweep, and didn’t wind up the mig welder leads. @axel, @Andres79, @hennesseyzachary are you guys all good? Just checking in because you were the users signed up for either metal shop or autobay since monday.

If you have to split for an emergency, try to leave a note at least. It took me an extra 30 minutes or so to clean up the mess and put away all the items left out. I don’t mind helping someone out, just gotta let us know that it needs to be done. That way we can budget the extra time to clean up and still have time to work on our own projects.


I think the project looks like @hennesseyzachary. Hopefully he is ok

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Sorry, that was me. I had to hurry out of there as I had some serious time constraints happen on monday when I was leaving. I apologize for the mess and I honestly thought that I left it in better condition than that. I will make sure to take some additional time at the end of my future visits to clean up the space and put everything back in better condition.


Thank you all for respectfully calling out, respectfully owning up, and dedicating to do better <3