Is it possible to apply a small Z offset with the hand controller?

Is there a way to offset the Z by say 0.5mm on the new Lagunas? I’m asking mainly because of the situation when the cut depth ends up a bit too shallow and leaves a little skin around the bottom of the part.

The answer in this situation is to edit your profile cut to start at your last depth and run it 0.5mm deep. It’s a bit of a workflow effort but it gives you very controlled results. This is a great way to recover from such situations.

Now that you mention it, I think I’ll do that and create it as an extra profile cut ahead of time in case I need it.

Actually yeah it’s pretty easy to do the tweak machine side too. Simply get your Z to -.5mm and then set Z=0

should be noted that -.5mm is too deep though, you should really make adjustments in .1mm at a time

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How do I set the hand controller to move the Z in 0.1mm increments, is that the Low setting?

Tap press the z+/-.

Sorry for the previous question, the paper catch method on the handout explained it, the High/Low button toggles it between .5mm and .1mm increments.

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