Is it OK to cut PVC pipe in the woodshop?

I’m using some PVC pipe to make a trellis for my tomatoes this spring. Is the woodshop’s miter saw OK to cut PVC with? Should I use something different?

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Definitely fine; I cut all the PVC electrical conduit on that saw.


From experience: be very wary of PVC shattering on any saw like that. Particularly for thin-walled or small bore pipe — if it wobbles or resonates wrong, it will shatter in random directions. I’m lucky I still have a left eye.

I believe that there are special blades available to reduce this risk, but I don’t know details.

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A face shield in addition to your normal safety glasses might not hurt.

Securing a circular piece on the chop saw can be tricky. You should press both back and down equally, treating the back and base together as a V.


If your PVC isn’t too big, this tool has been great:

Used them for a plumbing project and it is a super clean cut and the ratcheting system makes it easy to use once the initial chomp is in.