Introducing the Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer

In April 2023, the sublimation printer in Textiles was replaced with a Sawgrass SG1000 with Siser Easy Subli ink. This is a purpose built sublimation printer. This new machine is capable of printing the same range of paper sizes as the Epson it is replacing. This printer has a different workflow, so all users will need to make some changes.

What is the same:
Create your designs in the same way you already do. And use all the same strategies for the heat press that you know from before.

What is different:
This printer requires the use of their Sawgrass Print Manager.

The Sawgrass Print Manager is already installed on the textiles computer, and it is set up and ready to go. From the experimentation I’ve done, it’s a really great program, and the results are fairly astonishing.

Current users:
I am going to be sending a note with more detailed workflow information to current users in sublimation - look out for that in the next few days.

Learning Sublimation:
For those who are interested in getting started, I teach an orientation the first Sunday of each month, and it’s likely another intro session will be added each month.


Wow! From your mention of astonishing results, I am now very intrigued. You mentioned that the Sawgrass Print Manager is needed to output results. Is this something we can download (like the Epson driver) and install on our personal computer, or do we have to use the textiles computer?

Either way, I’m stoked to be sublimating again!

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@Joaquim - you should have gotten an email from me yesterday with more information on the print managers. Let me know if that didn’t arrive

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I did not receive the email. Sent you a DM since this seems like a me-only problem.

One thing to note about the Sawgrass print manager is that colors will not look true to color until after sublimation is complete. This is because it actually takes into account the changes that happen to the colors when sublimating and adjusts for them to create a more color accurate final product. There are also nice profiles for skin tones which help them look good.