Intro to Machining/Manual Mill class up!

Not sure if people saw, but there is an upcoming Intro to Machining class which is the new name we’re using for what was previously called the Manual Mill class. Same content and still the prerequisite for using the Tormach. Be sure to grab a spot while you can!

I want to take the class, but I can’t make that one unfortunately.

Yep- I’m in

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but any chance for this class to be offered again in the near future? @EricP

I am also very interested in this

Yep I’ll make one for the 30th of this month or very early next month. I will post it in a couple days


+1 on interest

@EricP Hi, I completed the milling class but its been a while since i’ve used the piece of equipment and I have lost the code to open the small wood/plexiglass container to get access to tools for the mill. Could you send me that info please Eric?

Yes please DM me your email.