Internet down at the space [RESOLVED]

Not sure what the problem is. Internet is down and key fob systems not working either.

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Thank you for reporting @gordoa40! @JoeN is there investigating and hopefully will get it back online :crossed_fingers:

It’s back online! Not sure how to edit titles but this is resolved.

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What was the issue? We keep seeming to have problems with this and it would be nice to figure out why.

Joe would know more, but he seemed to think it had something to do with the battery backup system.

Unplugging from the UPS and plugging straight into power strip resolved it. The UPS probably got drained during winter storm.

The ups that powers the doors, and waps is going on the fritz. I assume the winter storm sped up the decline. I moved the cords to another power strip

Ah, it’s a standby-type UPS instead of a line-interactive one. So, if the battery goes bad it drops power.

We’ll need to fix that when we replace it.