Interesting materials: TerraSlate paper

Hola amigos,

Found an interesting material I thought you would find interesting: High durability “Invincible Paper”, made by a company called TerraSlate.

TerraSlate paper is one of the toughest papers on planet - it’s rip proof, waterproof, can withstand heat up to 176*C (350 degrees Fahrenheit), It’s made from polyester. It can even be run through a dishwasher.

Project ideas

  • Restaurant menus
  • Re-usable forms
  • Rapid product prototyping
  • Quick reference checklists (eg on a sailboat, in a auto mechanic garage)
  • Waterproof Maps, for backpacking, kayaking
  • Seedling labels, in a garden
  • Underwater marriage proposal signs :thinking:
  • Waterproof business cards, SCUBA dive logs

What tools can you use with it?

  • You can laser print onto it (including color). Avoid inkjet, as it will smudge.
  • According to TerraSlate’s web site, you can use a laser cutter on it. (@dannym , can you confirm?)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TerraSlate does not contain PVC

Can TerraSlate be cut using laser cutters?
“Yes, laser cutting works well with TerraSlate.“

Video demo

Where can I get it?
TerraSlate Copy Paper Waterproof Laser Printer, Rain Weatherproof, 5 Mil, 8.5x11-inch, 25 Sheets

I have a packet of 25 sheets, available to anyone who wants to check it out. Leave a comment below or reach out to me directly if interested.

// JRO


Consequently you should conduct a test with die sublimation.

How about a menu of “50 Digital Joints”? :blush:


If you can already print directly to it, dye sublimation seems like a bit of an extra step

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If you have access to a color laser printer then you’re correct.