Installing current VCarve makerspace client?

Hi all - I’m on a new PC and went to install vcarve. However, no longer seems to have a download for 11.0, and there is a new process for validating the updated vcarve makerspace client. Can we register for the new process through ASMBLY, or is there a way to download and register the old version?

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They have released version 11.55, and changed the license model with it. I’ve had to email in a few times to get the bugs cleared, but should be installing it on all the Asmbly pc’s tonight.

The new process involves sending out an email to invite you to the Asmbly license, and you’ll have to create a Vectric portal account.

I believe I’m almost through that process as well.

They didnt mention that theyd be removing the 11.0 download, so it caught me off guard. For what its worth, it seems like 11.0 will work on any computer its already installed on, and the files are forwardand backward compatible.

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