Inspiring builds - vans, buses and tiny homes

Building a tiny home is down the road for me, I’m in the inspiration stage – some of you who are already living the life or further down the path I’m sure will have more nuanced technical resources to share.

Micro-Tiny house built from container around $5000, around 5 weeks - he built his own fold-out windows: I really like his shower solution with the decking. He’s sharing his Sketchup plans here:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.38.58 PM
Some Skoolie tips… Our Director of Education, @drew has the goal of building out a school bus to travel with his kids, Drew please do share resources or things that are inspiring you!

Isabelle who really focused on sustainable, permaculture, circular economy, community in her build:

Electrical in a camper van, i.e. a part you really don’t want to get wrong:

this community used to be open to the public in Salvage, TX:

elevator bed at 6:00, circular “hobbit” window, and lots of twee storage:

this one’s for sale here in austin – i love how many reclaimed/recycled things came together to make this:

Beautiful interior design, starts at :40 :

@driverdan, any resources you want to share?