Informal Tool Talk on Sunday, May 26th

Tool Talk with Charlie Staley

Hi everyone!

Charlie Staley, our Woodshop Space Lead, is hosting a tool talk on Sunday, May 26th at 11AM. He will cover essential maintenance tasks for table saws and bandsaws. This event is primarily for our stewards, but all members are welcome to attend.

Note: If you are not a steward, consider this an educational event only. Please do not perform tool maintenance unless you have been cleared by @cfstaley.

Let’s learn how to take care of the equipment we love so much!


Reminder that this event is tomorrow morning!

The Woodshop Safety class runs until 11:30 am, and we are on the bandsaws at about 11 am.

The plan is to start on the bandsaws at 11. We want to overlap with woodshop safety a bit to reduce the time we’re taking up tools in the shop.

Um, no. You cannot try to teach one set of people how to maintain the bandsaws at exactly the same time that I am teaching another set of people how to use them. I guess it will be OK if you start on the table saws.

Actually, we’re starting with table saws, after the class clears them. We will not interfere with class. You will not have to dodge us.

I misspoke! I meant table saws.