Incredibly Low Suction on planer

The planer was totally jammed up and the suction of pipe was very low. I unplugged what I could find and emptied the garbage can and it’s still very low.

The dust filtration system now seems to have stopped turning on entirely. I tried turning the switch from “auto” to “on” and it still isn’t turning on.

The system must have tripped a breaker. It’s back up and running

I noticed that a couple weeks ago as well. Was it the same switch the sanding/lathe area is on?

Yes, it was labeled something like “sanding,” so it was likely the same thing that you saw.

I noticed the breaker tripped a couple times today, even with the sanding station off and unplugged. Not sure if the dust collector is tripping it on it’s own. Also noticed the plug that fits into the IVAC switch for the dust collector barely stays in, tends to come out under its own weight.

It definitely is tripping it on its own. To try and figure out the suction issue, I turned it from “auto” to “on” and it tripped it while being the only thing that was on in the shop.

There was a restriction in the hose from the black collector to the pipe under the table saw, there was also a small hole in that hose. I shortened the hose to remove the hole, and suction seems restored all the way to the planer. Not sure if this has anything to do with the breaker tripping, I suspect that could be more related to the plug being loose.

The blast gates were not in the correct config. I still don’t know if they’re getting bumped or if someone is trying to change something. This was the table saw one, down low, set to “always open”. Maybe you could hit it with a broom and do that

@jamesmcnees went through the system and determined that that hose was too long in one spot and had a hole. The system now works better.

I have hit the table saw blast gate switch with a broom, so yes, that is possible.
The dust collector can also randomly pop the breaker, with the sanding station off. This has been discussed before. Probably time to switch the breaker, not to mention get a separate circuit…

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