Importing skp files to vcarve

despite the vectric site claiming it can import skp files and having a bunch of articles and videos about it, our version of vcarve on the big cnc doesn’t accept them

does anybody have experience importing skp files into vcarve that can help me out?

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Vcarve does not accept .skp files. Export to a dxf and then import to Vcarve

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turns out it does, and i was trying to “open” and not “import”

i got my file in, but the parts are all sorted and not laid out like i designed them, anybody got any ideas about that?

Cool on opening it.

I had to do quite a bit of fiddling within vcarve once I imported my vectors, but it worked out!

pretty much the only waste other than dust:

the only visible spoilage


work top for a Centipede?

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i have been debating buying one, but i’m mostly thinking of just having something on a pair of sawhorses for now

once i figure out how to import sketchup files without them getting all jumbled up my next project will be some of these:

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