IMPORTANT: Temporarily closed - REOPENED 2/19/21

Hey all,

Wanted to let everyone know that the space does not have power and is temporarily closed until power is reliably restored (i.e. doors are physically locked and key fobs will not work). We’ll keep an eye on things to see when we can open back up, but with the forecast looking like it is and continued power issues across Austin, it might not be until Friday. Probably best not to make plans involving the space before then.

Stay safe and warm in the meantime!
The ATXHS Board

Shoutout to @JoeN for checking on the space today! Current indoor temp is 49.


Thank you to the board, and @JoeN


i noticed on the Austin Energy’s Outage Map that the shop is no longer in an area that is without power. Once verified is the shop able to be reopened?

Once it’s verified we have power and water (can’t open without a working bathroom) we can open back up. I’m skeptical that’ll happen before tomorrow, but we’ll post new information as soon as we have it.

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Hi Everyone,

I was reading online that the water might not be restored for days.

@Jon If Hackerspace has power, Is there anyway it can still open even if the bathrooms don’t work? Or is it part of a regulation/contract on the building?
I know that some of us use the hackerspace in order to generate a source of income, so I’m afraid that closing the hackerspace for an undetermined period of time might affect people that rely on it financially.

Just thinking of any way we can access the space if possible.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

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I’ve been looking into this and we might be a loophole in the various restroom / handwashing requirements. As a private / members-only facility, we have:

  • no employees (OSHA doesn’t apply)
  • no food prep (health code doesn’t apply)
  • no public accommodation (plumbing code fixture ratios don’t apply)

I’d prefer not to be open without water, but I hear what you’re saying. We’ll check on the space today and update everyone.


I just stopped by the space. Power is on, and it doesn’t look like there is any water damage, from what I can see through the windows. Maybe as a compromise, we can open the space and have some standby water for flushing toilets. My neighbors are offering pool water for this purpose, and I could cart some to the space. I’ll a;so be available later today if someone needs any help at the space.

@EricP has been checking things out at the space. We currently have power and internet, but no water. We are now reopening with the caveat that bathrooms are closed due to no running water. Please be mindful and plan accordingly.

It’s easy to forget when so much has been thrown at us, but please do remember that all COVID precautions are still in effect.

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