Illustrator for red laser -Embedded color profile does not match current RGB working space

Issue with illustrator opening any file or even “red template” It is changing color profiles and it is not allowing me to cut some part of my design. Anyone know what we can do about this? This image pops up every time a new file is opened or copied into another layer. Some things cut, and some don’t. I am not sure what is happening.

@EricP Maybe we have to install adobe 2021?

@dannym Think you could help me install the new illustrator so this color profile error doesn’t happen?

I’ve switched the color profile to Adobe 1998 on my Illustrator. I will see if this works today.

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Nothing. I have no idea what is happening. Part of my file is being read by the laser and the other isn’t. I am opening up the red template and copying my files to that art board. I am so confused. I have been using lasers for 5 years and never ran into an issue like this. @EricP @dannym

I figured it out yall…If there is ever a time that you have selected everything, set your stroke to .001, made sure the color is at R:255 G:000 B:000 and have no clue what is going on—switch your cutting stroke to a fill.

Make sure that everything is full opaque. As in make sure that nothing has a transparency. It turns out that part of my insanely intricate cut file had a 75% transparency. This was affecting the entire piece.