Illustrator class interest?

I’ve been kicking around this idea for a while and am finally putting together a syllabus for an Illustrator class over Zoom. It’ll cover basics from setting up your design environment to important tools in Illustrator to specific design techniques. I’m thinking it’ll probably be somewhere in the 1.5-2 hr range on a week day evening at 7p, probably second week in November at the earliest.

Just curious to see how many people would be interested in this class

  • I’m interested!

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What is the approximate cost?

I think somewhere in the $25-35 range. Need to double check with @wynd on his thoughts to make sure it jives with other class pricing. Should be on the lower end though since it’s online and will be able to accommodate a larger class size (I’m thinking max 10).

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That sounds perfect to me. Sounds really affordable, especially for what they’ll get out of this class. It’s something I could have really used a long time ago, and I think I could probably still get a lot of use out of it. :smiley:

Let me know what I can do to help get the class running.


Yes! I remember you and I chatted about this. Let me know if you need help or want to chat about it. I could teach illustrator for laser cutting.

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Awesome! I’ll reach out in a few weeks to connect on this.

The real cost is paying for Illustrator itself, lol.

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Haha, yes that is very true! I have found that you can get some pretty good deals from time to time on the subscription and if you cancel and cite the cost as the reason you can also end up with an offer for 50% off. That’s been my tactic and I use it so much it’s worth it to me.

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Also the trial version should be totally fine for the class. I’ll verify that before scheduling it so I can be sure to include that in the description.

Oh yeah I’m not bashing it. Definitely worth it if you use it often.

Thankfully, I’m still a student so I get all of the apps for about $30 :wink:

I think when I had to renew my subscription I ended up with all the apps for $20/mth by saying I was cancelling due to cost :meow_wow: Be sure to try that trick when you’re up for renewal!

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I did a dry run on the class tonight with @jamesmcnees to get some feedback and figure out some additional content items for the curriculum. Looks like more realistically it’ll be a 2 hr class, then have an opportunity at the end for people to ask project specific questions (so maybe go over 2 hours a bit). James used the trial version of Illustrator and was able to do all the things, so trial version of the software will work just fine for this.

So is Illustrator still going to be used after Tarkin is up and running? I only ask because the “Tarkin Buildout” post seems to convey that the lasers will be using the Lightburn software in its place.

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You need to use lightburn to run the laser. You don’t need to use it to design your designs.