If you can, spend a few more minutes at the space when you come by. :)

Not calling anyone out (because seriously, with all the 'rona mess happening, light traffic at the space, and just general WTFness in life right now, I’m not gonna be hard on anyone) but the trash in the lounge area was pretty bad. Like, humans aren’t the only ones there anymore bad.

So, I took out the trash. Should be a bit better now. (Also, we need to put the recycling key next to the trash. :slight_smile: ) I’ve also left a clearly marked trap there that should be thrown out on Sunday around noon.

Should it have gotten that bad? I don’t think it should’ve. So if you can (and this isn’t just around trash), and you get there before I do, please spend a few more minutes at the space and clean something up. Anything. Because this space belongs to all of us, and if we all did a little something, we’d end up doing everything (ideally…).

Also I don’t wanna see a committee made for trash handling. :smiley:

As far as helping to prevent what I saw in the future, we (the space) should consider an array of sealable containers for the condiments/spices that get left in the kitchenette area. Because reasons.

Be excellent to each other, y’all. :slight_smile:


Yeah, PLEASE don’t leave trash in the space, particularly edible trash. The building is a warehouse, and not rodent-tight, mice definitely come and go around all the buildings, and when they find food, they might decide to stay, and that’s something we REALLY don’t want to have to deal with. Particularly because trash isn’t the only thing they chew on. Nobody wants to rewire a CnC because the mice decided to make a nest in it and chew up all the wires.

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On another note, food and drink is not permitted at the space at all during this time so even less excuse for any food items being in the bins.

Thanks for spending extra time on this @mistertwo!