Ideas for an enclosure for a generator

Y’all are a clever bunch, so I always like to check in as I brainstorm to figure out strategies.

I have a small generator, and I’m trying to think of potential ideas for an enclosure for it so that I can keep it safely locked up, but then also be able to open the top and front fully for when it has to be running.

My default idea is with a wood frame of some sort, with a top that is hinged so that i can hook it onto the house, and so the front ends up being more or less like a door that i swing out of the way. But just in case someone else out there has gone through this process and found a clever solution, I’d love to hear about it.

Here is the location where this is happening:


My grandfather made one of those years ago. It was basically a doghouse, but the hinge was at the bottom of the wall so when you opened it up the sides of the generator were exposed. He just used a prop to keep it open when running the generator, and a padlock hasp to lock it up when closed.

Given your clearance constraints, you probably can’t swing back a whole enclosure, but you’ll still want the side and front to open when the generator’s operating.

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This would look good, and you’d have infinite storage inside.


I was looking into this a bit after the icepocalypse and the recommendations were for an enclosure that would protect the generator from rain while it was running, and each generator had different clearance specs for the exhaust and air cooling needs. A number of companies sold enclosures, so you might be able to get specs from them.