I will be teaching an Intro to illustrator class in November

Hey yall!

I’ve continued to have many requests to teach my intro to illustrator course in which i teach tricks that I have learned for the past 10 years of using illustrator. It is a daunting program, and I break it all down in a very accessible manner in two and a half hours. Previous students have been ecstatic with the course, and have given wonderful compliments.

I am opening up the month of November for classes if anyone is interested.

For reference on who I am or what I do, you can check out my instagram @felipegomezart. I am the person who designed and built the “lasers” sign above the laser room.

Looking forward to meeting yall!


Great! I would love to sign up.

Hoping I can make this one, but will definitely sign up for the next if the timing doesn’t work out.

This is not a regular class on the schedule, so be sure to register for it if you can! Here is the link – Asmbly Makerspace

Same! ^

Registered! This is going to happen over Zoom?