I think I'm doing something wrong, CR-10 nozzle keeps clogging {RESOLVED}

So last two times I’ve tried to print anything I keep coming back to my print stopped, then when I start it back up it doesn’t extrude.

I think Its safe to assume I’m getting a clog in the nozzle.

Printing with hatchbox 1.75mm PLA set to .4mm nozzle on Cura.

Sorry if there isn’t enough information here, I’m not 100% sure what which information is importiant for troubleshooting this. If there’s anymore info I should add just let me know.

What temps are you printing at? What are you retraction settings?

I’m not sure why you are getting a clogged nozzle but the last two times it had a note saying the nozzle was clogged, all i did was heat up the hotend and extrude some filament and it came pouring out.

Print tempurature is at 200C which should be fine for PLA.

That’s odd, Ill start a print and when I come back my print has stopped less than a quarter of the way through and I get this error:

Then when I try to start the printer back up there’s no extrusion.

can you upload your stl file and the gcode you have after you slice it

I tried printing first it in one piece, here’s the STL and Gcode for that version

STL: PCU Mount 2 v1.stl - Google Drive

Gcode: CCR10S_PCU Mount 2 v2.gcode - Google Drive

For troubleshooting I switched to a multiple piece verson that had 6 pieces, 4 of them being duplicate.

Here are the Gcode files for the multiple piece version. I can’t seem to find the original STL files, but here is the gcode

Bottom: PCU MOUNT - BOTTOM.3mf - Google Drive
Sides (This is one model, but I’m printing 4 of these): PCU MOUNT - CORNER.3mf - Google Drive
Top: PCU MOUNT - TOP.3mf - Google Drive

If you need the original STL for the 3 piece let me know i’ll try to find it.


So I just now tried printing one of the side pieces and it printed, but not fully

The object is 15x15x82mm

While the width and length of 15mm were correct

The piece was only 53mm tall instead of 82mm

The exported gcode for the side pieces had
the height at 82mm as well so im not sure what’s going on

The printer was also disconnected and had the “Not sending M0 to printer, its configured as a blocked command” error when I found it.

However it did start extruding again when I went to print the next piece

so the 3mf files you linked are actually the same thing as an stl. do you have your gcode for them? what program are you using to slice?


the gcode for your individual files?

also try it on the qidi? the bed is big enough for it. Or even the robo will work as well. I have sliced the full model with simplify3d and linked the gcode for all 3.


Okay. Printed again this morning on the CR-10, same thing.

It “finished” with this. Basically stopped printing barely after it laid the peel layer

Tonight I just tried the robo, didn’t extrude filament.

Here is all my gcode for everything.

CCR10S_PCU MOUNT - BOTTOM.gcode - Google Drive, R3DR1_PCU Mount - Top.gcode - Google Drive, R3DR1_PCU Mount - Bottom.gcode - Google Drive, CCR10S_PCU MOUNT - TOP.gcode - Google Drive, CCR10S_PCU MOUNT - CORNER.gcode - Google Drive, CCR10S_PCU Mount 2 v1.gcode - Google Drive, R3DR1_PCU Mount - Corner.gcode - Google Drive

All the gcode. One piece, multiple piece, and for both the robo and CR-10

I have no idea why its just randomly stopping or messing up the dimensions on the print.

Also the gcode you linked is set to “restricted”, youll have to change it in google drive settings to “anyone with the link”

They are no longer restricted so you should be able to access them.

X-MAX isn’t working either

When I came in at 12 today the X-max was already preheated, when I stuck my filament in it it extruded so I started printing

However the moment I started printing it stopped extruding

So I canceled the print then went to inspect it and it no longer was extruding

I’m really not sure what I’m doing wrong

This was with the X-MAX gcode you linked as well

Im going to try the CR-10 again being its the only one that’s currently extruding.

I’m using the model you sliced so I can eliminate Gcode user error on my end