I need an invitation to skedda

I tried to use skedda but it says there’s nobody registered under that email address and I should reach out to the venue. Can someone help me with that?

@Cuca, I see from your other post that you might have figured this out already, but you need to go through the re-orientation process before creating an account on Skedda. Looks like you are interested in starting the process?

Orientation sessions are posted in the Members2B group message list, which you should now be able to access here. I’m not exactly sure when our next orientation session will be scheduled, but we’re trying to get them set up at least every other week lately.

@J-LoM, Yes I’ve already got everything done, sign the waiver, paid the fee, etc… Now all I need is to go through the orientation process.

OK, cool. Watch the Members2B message box. I believe the next scheduled orientation will be October 4th, but details should be posted in Members2B soon.

You can also email membership@atxhs.org with any specific questions.

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Hey, Everything is good to go on my side, I even got my Key Fob but I’m still unable to login to skedda, it keeps telling me that there is no user registered under my email address, and I need to be added by the Venue in order to use it. Can you please add me? I need to use the space.

@valerie, I’m not sure exactly what’s up with this account issue. Can you help?

@Cuca, I recommend also emailing membership@atxhs.org which I believe goes to several folks who might be able to help.

Hey @Cuca, are you in the hax0r group here on Discourse? That is where the Skedda registration link is for now in the group messages.

I’m not at a computer, but once you are in the hax0r group you can go into the messages there for the Skedda link to sign up for our scheduling software.

Got it. Thanks

@valerie I’ve been looking for the Hax0r group and can’t find it at all, and if you look under my name her in top it still says member2b. I need to be added to the hax0r group to be able to access skedda.

You should be in haxor now. Click the three lines in the top right, then groups.

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Thank you!