I need access to Skedda. Help!

I need to get to the skedda schedule but have not been able to find the link.



Hi, Tiburzcio! Welcome back!!
Here is the link… it should be set for you to sign up, we put your email in there when we transitioned to it – will you let me know if you run into any trouble?

Skedda Link

It is synced with people as they pay first dues and/or are up to date in their billing.
Will you do me a favor and sign new member agreement here:
It covers Covid and is an important update to our old one (which was 10 years old).

Also, if you haven’t been in the shop since Covid, here is the ReOpen doc with sanitizing protocols, rule changes (for instance guest policy) etc:

If you need these again, they’re on our frontpage, or feel free to reply to this message.
See you in the shop soon!

Hey @tiburzcio, the instructions for access have been going out on our Mailchimp updates which you can find in Operations:Updates on Discourse. Here is the first email we sent outlining the instructions – https://mailchi.mp/abe25b98dc75/atxhs-now-open-to-all-members.

I just added you to hax0r group, in the email box in the top RH corner there is a Skedda link there as well. Thank you, and to Valerie for the help and corrections.