I made a thing! Meet the SpiderBoard 1.1 ( atmega 168v breakout board )

Okay, it’s taken a while for me to get all the skills together, but I just created my first simple breakout board for the mega168-10-AU ( low voltage capable ) version of the mega168 chip. I have 100 ( well, 99 … I’m keeping one ) made, and have enough components to make many more. This is pretty much the lowest possible part count for an Arduino.

I just tested the first batch of them, and they work really well. By default they are programmed with the optiboot 8 bootloader running on the internal oscillator (8MHz), however since I’ve populated a 16MHz ceramic oscillator on the board you can also flash and change the fuses to use that and get twice the performance out of the chip ( at a cost of power efficiency ).

The board is the size of an old-style EEPROM chip, so easy to breadboard and has common 0.1 in spacing.

If you want one, they are $5 each and are a perfect “minimist” Arduino to embed into just about anything. 16K Flash, 1K SRAM, 512 bytes EEPROM. Can operate 0-8Mhz at 1.8V, 0-16MHz at 3.3-5V.

I’m pretty stoked at the result. Here’s the front and back of the boards:


Howdy Martin,

Looks good, taking 5 of them and let me know how to pick up them.


  • JP

Just order them directly from the Etsy link here. Because of COVID-19 I am not doing pickups or deliveries… and it helps with inventory management and such.


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