I crashed the tormach :(

I lifted the Z axis while the spindle housing door was open… it crashed into the ceiling and bent the spindle housing door a bit. I was able to unbend it back into shape to be able to close but I’m not sure if this ruined the alignment of the Z axis and it needs to be retrammed. No errors were thrown on the screen and I didn’t hear any stalling noises and the Tormach seemed to be working fine for the rest of my session.

@cbrtrk @EricP @kyle.spafford tagging y’all since you use the Tormach frequently


You are not the 1st nor will you be the last. The important part is the lesson learned. I helped someone a while back fix the same thing. The spindle should be fine. Remember the issue. Also thank you for reporting it.


Can we get a photo and better explanation of what is happening and what needs to be done to avoid it?

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Users forget the door that covers the spindle is open. When the door is closed, it can move vertically through an opening in the sheet metal. If the the door is open it hits the sheet metal at the top.

Maybe we make a sign?

Or is there an easy way to lock out operation if not closed? Don’t know if there ate any lockouts already in use that might be piggy-backed

Good to know, definitely a scary moment but glad to know it didn’t have catastrophic consequences. Certainly a lesson I won’t forget

There is a switch on the door that keeps the spindle from turning on if the door isn’t closed. Maybe we can use it while jogging the z as well?

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Just out of curiosity, what led you to this problem? Why were you moving Z with the cover open? I do this regularly but there may be some best practices we can put in place.

Personally, my most common reason for moving Z up while the door is open is because I’m doing a tool change and find I don’t have enough clearance to get the new tool in.

My preference is to set a safe G30 that has clearance for all of my tools, then just go to G30 when I make a tool change. Then I don’t really have to think about it.