I can't get into my class

Hi I’m signed up for the blue laser class today at 7 but how do I get in? I got totally lost on the way and wanted to call but there is no number for you guys. Now that I’m here the doors are locked and I tried waiting and knocking but I’m not seeing anyone. I’ve been waiting about 20 minutes now should I just go home lol

I’ll just go home :pensive:

Oh no Noel I’m so sorry that happened! It can be a little hard to find the space the first time. I wasn’t teaching the class, but I might have been there at the same time while you were waiting —unfortunate that I didn’t check the discourse. We really need a better procedure for letting new students in before they have fobs. There’s no number because there’s no dedicated phone in the space that I know of — perhaps we can set up a Google Voice number that directs to someone’s phone? Not sure what the best solution is, short of propping the doors for classes.

Again, sorry that happened, hope to see you actually in the space soon!!

No problem! Luckily I only live about 5 minutes away I’ve just got pretty bad directional dyslexia and night blindness so I got lost immediately :sweat_smile: There were lots of instructions when I registered for the zoom meeting but none for the class so I went back and forth between the entrances a couple times because I didn’t know where to go.

“directional dyslexia and night blindness”

I know Exactly what you mean here.

Oh no, so sorry! @mcmancuso teaches the Blue Laser class. It can get a bit loud in the space sometimes and difficult to hear someone knocking. Were you at the door labeled Main/Guest entrance in the map on this page? http://wiki.atxhs.org/wiki/Main_Page

[edit, just saw you mentioned going to both doors]

Maybe we can start having teachers have their phone number posted for the students?
I know last week I was running late to my class and wanted to let teacher know not to wait for me