I am wanting to buy sandpaper For the drum sander

I can’t remember the dimensions. I thought it was either a 1632 or a 2244 Or 2550. Does anyone know for sure. I also have some 3 inch rolls of sandpaper from Harbor freight and various grits. Is this suitable if cut to length and shape?

Sandpaper part numbers and Amazon product links are on the drum sander wiki page.



Drum sander is a 22-44. You can cut the rolls using an old belt as a template but if the abrasive is directional (arrows in the back of the paper) make sure you cut them at the right angle. If there are no arrows in the back of the paper, it does not matter which way you cut it. Shop around for 3" rolls here is an example (you can get six wraps from this roll, did not check shipping so you can compare the price per wrap) https://www.fintechabrasives.com/3-inch-x-70-ft-open-coat-aluminum-oxide-drum-sander-roll. Anyway, using the grits, the finer the grit the less you can take with each pass. Let’s say you’re using 60 grit, you might be able to turn the elevation handle one-quarter of a turn depending on the density and width of the lumber. If you’re using 220 grit you may get lucky if you can turn the elevation handle one-sixteenth of a turn. If you take too much at a time it will clog or damage the abrasive. I would not run pine or like lumber through any power abrasive the tar/oil will clog the abrasive rather quick. Same thing with oily exotic lumber. It can be done but you have to take very light passes. You have to remember is a finishing sander, not a planer. It can be used as a planer but you have to be patient. On the conveyor belt switch, there is an “idiot” light if it comes on, it means that the machine adjusted itself (rate of feeding speed) but you have to take corrective action either raise the drum or slow the conveyor belt. Raising the drum is the better option. If you continue operating the machine with this light on, your belt is probably going to be ruined, you’re going to overheat the drum which can bend it, the step motor of the conveyor belt will overheat, and the electronic board (in the box under the switch) will overheat and burn. So take your time be patient, is a finishing sander, is your friend, it can save you hours of sanding, and most of all it makes your boards nice and flat which in turn look better once finished. Make some dust!

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Thank you for the detailed response. I bought some rolls from woodcraft. They seem to work fine. I have had other roles from Harbor freight that need to be cut. Have not tried them yet. They are a lot more economical. Will have to see how they perform. Thanks again