Hugely successful workday. Thank you!

Great turnout today. Thanks to everyone who helped out. We got all of the goals, plus a couple others.
Loft is gone.
The back wall has been shortened and made even with the electronics room.
Lots of electrical work done.
Lots of network calling run and rerouted.
Deep clean off lathe area and miter saw area.
Clean out of the sheet storage.
We filled up a 30 yard dumpster, and a 20 foot trailer.
A second shift of folks came in for the afternoon.
The workshop looks amazing!
Thanks everybody!


Huge thank you to all of our leaders who put in so much thought and advance work!


It really does look so amazing! Huge thank you to everyone especially Charlie who really drove the organization piece of the day and made sure we had a big rolloff dumpster on site, which we were able to fill completely. I’ll post a recap with pics tomorrow, but in the meantime here is the donation page for auction items for those that bought things at the auction – Asmbly Makerspace

Yep, It was cool. It was great making new friends and doing positive things to improve the space. Its cleaner, better organized, safer, spacious. Great things. Looking forward to all the new improvements and machines. Good things are happening. Thanks to Charlie and all the other shop stewards for their hard work and dedication. Onward and upward.
Thanks to all,
Stanley D.

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