How to Schedule time in Shop - Skedda obviously Superseded

I scheduled Tarkin for 7PM last night. I came in and both Tarkin and Dorian are being used by a laser class. Neither of them are scheduled on Skedda, so I guess I missed the change to a different scheduling system.

How are we supposed to schedule time in the shop?

I moved to another Laser and got my job done but I took longer and some testing I wanted to do, did not get completed.

Other examples - over the last couple of weeks I have been using the woodshop. I tried to schedule when there was low utilization because I had short duration jobs on a variety of the machines and the extended time on the table saw. Several nights there are one or two other people scheduled in the shop and I get to the shop and 5 of the six benches are in use.
The Skedda schedule only two people (or fewer) on it. I was able to get my jobs done but this is another case where Skedda is not showing me the real shop schedule.

What and where do I find the real Shop scheduler?


Sorry the class got missed on Skedda, that’s an oversight on our part. It’s something we have to do manually and unfortunately we sometimes miss it (cc @David).

The other issue you described is scheduling violations which would be helpful to the stewards team to have reports about. We have suspended several members for scheduling violations and some have ended up even having their membership terminated due to repeated violations on this and other items. Please email when you see discrepancies like that with info on the date and time. (cc @cfstaley).


As Valerie said, we definitely have issues with people using the woodshop without proper scheduling, which we are trying to address.

But since you specifically mention tables in use, I will note there isn’t a one-to-one correspondence between Woodshop reservations and table use. Two tables may be filled with glue ups, and people using the CNC, the Shaper Origin, and other nearby tools may be using table space there also. For instance, sometimes when I’m booked in the machine shop I’ll leave tools on a wood shop table (though generally not if it’s busy) because there is so little space in the machine shop.

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Excellent point @mgmoore, thanks for point that out. We should be sure to address the work table shortage for the machine shop in the metal and machine shop expansions.

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Good points. When I have spoken with people about not being on Skedda, I often get “there are other people, etc., etc…”. Fine, let us know at and we can do something about it.

Basics: If you are in the building using the equipment (or a workshop table with your own equipment), you MUST be on Skedda. 15 minutes on the table saw? Skedda.

Dropping material off? No, Skedda not necessary.

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This is sort of a side note I guess. From what I’ve seen in my couple years here, leadership is extremely even handed, and is careful to not be heavy handed with such things. Just my personal observation and a thanks to those on this thread (and not on this thread) who tackle these problems.

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