How to Make: Family Crest Sigil Rings?

I’ve got a client interested in making a ring, with a sigil of a family crest. This sigil would be used to press into a hot wax seal, old school letter style.


Can someone give a rundown of what’s involved? Materials, tools, techniques, experience level required, etc

I would buy a ring. Then setup a bitmap or 3D file to carve in with the cnc router or Tormach. A brass ring is easy to carve, but not great for the skin. A good jig to hold the ring is paramount. I would look at v bits and ball end mills to achieve the look.

Another option would be casting from a 3D print, eg

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That requires a lot of equipment, waste materials, and energy. I agree it’s probably easier to carve from a blank. We don’t forge house keys for a reason.