How to make equipment purchase recommendation?

I would like to make a recommendation to get a Setter Press for the textile room. Which would be helpful to set rivets, snaps, grommets, etc. in leather, canvas, vinyl, and more for a fairly inexpensive cost.

I believe I should make a post in Proposal Considerations but the “+ Add Topic” button is grayed out for me. I am a new but paying full member. Is there something else I need to do or can someone help me make the proposal?

Recomemded Setter Press:

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That’s been on my radar too. That link is just the press - what dies should we start with?

It looks like it would need to be permanently affixed to a table. What would be appropriate?

@Eric just a quick note on your question about the proposals category – that section is restricted to posting by members only and our script that updates Discourse group assignments only runs periodically, so that’s why it’s greyed out for you :slight_smile: Thanks for posting here and making a great suggestion for the textiles shop area!

It does not have to be permanently affixed to use it, I see people on youtube using it free just fine. But securing it sounds like a good idea for foot safity. I could also envision making a wooded base that clamps to the table when in use.

Personally, I’m looking to use the Line 20 snaps and the 6mm rivits.

I’d bolt it to a piece of plywood that we can clamp to the worktable and store it on a shelf when not in use.

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@Eric - can you share some photos of the types of projects that might be possible with such a tool?

Snaps, Grommets, and Rivets are all be useful for heavy textiles and leatherworking. A press like this is both more accessible to users and less annoying in shared workspace than a handheld die you hit with a hammer.

I don’t have a strong opinion on snap or rivet sizes, but I’d like to add a grommet die or two and the matching hole punches.


I recently made this bag at Asmbly, of course without a press. I think a press would let me get a much more consistent result with the rivets and remove the hammer marks.


Wow! Really beautiful work @Eric! I hope you’ll be a vendor at our first annual Holiday Bazaar this year :heart_eyes: ( more info here – Join the Planning Committee for Asmbly's 1st annual Holiday Bazaar! 🎊 💸 )