How to get a key!

Hey y’all,
I took my classes 2 weeks ago but hadn’t paid membership yet so didn’t get a key. Paid for the membership a few days ago and sent an email to membership@ but haven’t heard back. Who should I talk to to coordinate getting a fob?


Hey Ryan, it looks like your email got lost (I think the email you replied on for the membership purchase is filtered out of inboxes for most people since we get copies of the originals and thus 10s of those a day). You should have received a fob at your Facility and Safety tour on 7/14. We’re in the middle of transitioning to a new access system which you can read more about in this post - Shop Access Update

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ah, I see that makes sense. Thanks! I’ll reach out to ops@ to get openpath access

@valerie He says he hadn’t bought a membership yet, so that’s why he didn’t get a fob at the tour.

@rhm, did you sign the new waiver here: ?

After you do that, you should get an email to sign up for OpenPath.

The keyfobs have been acting up recently mine hasn’t worked at all for the past few days, so it’s probably a good idea to just get set up with OpenPath instead. I think we can request to still have a physical keyfob too, if thats desired. Hopefully we can get you set up soon.

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Thanks @gordoa40 . I figured I had probably signed the new waiver when I was setting everything up a few days ago, but not sure if the one I signed was new or old. Anyway I just signed at the link that you posted, so I’ll keep an eye out for the OpenPath setup email.

Just got the email and set up OpenPath, woot! Thanks all!


I just finished auditing Neon records and released the pending OpenPath invites. Everyone wondering where their invite was should have received one now-is.

Ah thanks @gordoa40 that totally makes sense.

Yay, glad we got this all sorted quickly and @rhm has the latest new fangled awesome door access :awesome: