How to cut/grind in tight spaces

Hi, normally I use an angle grinder to cut/grind metal, but I have a tight space I’m working with and don’t know the right tool for the job, or if asmbly has the tool.

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I need to cut off these nuts and grind the surface flat enough for me to put in a flat, reinforcing plate that won’t cave in like how my steel tubing did.

So far, the best I’ve found online is a die grinder.
Do we have one of those?

Any ideas/suggestions would be very welcome!

This my hacky way of sharing an image of what I’m trying to cut. Sorry for the inconvenience while I don’t have permissions

An oscillating multi-tool with the right cutter should work. They also have sanding attachments that could do the final clean up work. I have no idea if we have one in the shop though.

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This is handy. Electric file

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You could use a pneumatic chisel with a sharp end to knock them off. Then use a good metal file to clean the rough stuff before going to some kind of sand paper. No safety squints. Safety glasses and hearing protection if you go this route.


Update: The “detail” belt sander worked awesome! I was able to find this cheapo one on amazon for $36 and some blue sanding belts for $15. It was a little slow and I busted quite a few belts learning how to use the tool, but for the price I am satisfied. The space requirement was pretty tight so this worked great. Thanks @David78737

The tool:
The belts:

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