How do I safely remove a Nova 4 jaw chuck?

I’m a novice turner who couldn’t figure out how to remove a Nova chuck…

Thanks in advance.

Bob LeVitus
Novice wood turner

Theres a little thumb screw/pin that will lock the spindle in place so it wont rotate against you. Then you need to just unscrew the chuck. A little easier said than done, removed as it was a bad recommendation you can try to chuck something long and straight into the chuck and use that as a pry bar. or do what Charles said below

Do not use the chuck key to remove the chuck from the spindle as that can damage the chuck gear mechanism. There is a smaller hole that an allen wrench (in the plastic bin on the cabinet) fits in, which can be used to turn the chuck with the red lock button depressed. If that doesn’t work, sandwich a long wood board between two of the jaws and use that to pry it open while depressing the red lock button.

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