How do I line this memory box with fabric?

Hi all – I could use some help.

A while ago we had to say goodbye to our old pup, and I made a memory box to hold some of his stuff we kept: food bowl, leash, tags, etc. This is what I ended up making:

The inside is foam that I cut and covered with spray adhesive and fabric I picked up at Joann’s. However, I’ve found that I don’t like how well I covered it, and that I should make more cutouts to better store his things. I would like to redo the lining entirely.

Cutting out the foam is a somewhat straightforward part, but I’m generally clueless about how to apply the lining, make it conform to the openings, and generally minimize the seams and glue lines. What you see in the photo is by far the most flattering angle possible, with fabric double- and triple-layered to make it look somewhat cohesive. And upon closer inspection, it still isn’t.

Are there any tutorials, channels, blogs, etc. that you can recommend which go through the process of making something like this? I’m not fixed on any particular method or material, although I do like how this velvet-like material looks and I have some left over to try again.

Thank you!

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I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss and your box is beautiful. I do not have any insights to your question though.

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I think you’ve done a lovely job. If you decide to cut more openings in the foam, I’d be happy to find a time to work on covering it together. DM me if you’re interested.


I’m sorry to hear about your loss. We lost our chihuahua of 10 years, earlier this year. This is a great memorial that you have put together.

Kaizen foam, by Fastcap, is pretty easy to work with. It’s a layered foam that is glued together. They have markers and knives that make it straight forward to cut out decent patterns. You save the top layer to put on the bottom of a cavity to give it a smooth appearance. You could still use the same fabric on the surrounding top, and the bottom insert.


@Glory2God, thank you for the kind words.

@Sarah, you’re definitely not seeing how bad it actually is – I’ll take you up on your offer!

@cfstaley, thank you, and my condolences as well. The Kaizen foam suggestion is a really good one – it should act a lot more predictably during the cuts.

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