Hobbit Door On CNC

First test cut and 3d cut on the Large Swift came out great.


That looks awesome! How is the vacuum hold down working now?
Unfortunately I am sick so probably won’t be able to come up this weekend

The gasket currently only has it zoned off for 4x8, which works great. More gasket material is coming in this weekend, and we’ll add more zones.

Get well soon.

Wow, looks great! How long did that cut take?

About 45 mins. 15% step over with a 1/16th ball nose.

That is very cool. Did you rough and cut out with a different bit?

It was rough cut woth a .25 end mill, and finish pass was a 1/16 th ball nose.

@jamesfreeman Fantastic. Could you send me a Laguna Swift sample file, like the CNC class cutting board. Maybe something generated by the VCarve postprocessor for the Laguna Swift CNC. I’m looking to make a FreeCAD postprocessor from it.

@bwatt I’m on a Mac right now and going from memory but I think in the Vcarve File menu you can link to the folder with all the Post Processors. Consequently you could just copy what has been provided by Laguna to Vectric.

@TravisGood Thanks Travis. I don’t have VCarve installed at home where my FreeCAD is installed. However, I have gone to the Laguna Swift Software Download site and downloaded the VCarve postprocessor there, but it’s a little bit unreadable since it’s written for VCarve metadata. Seeing a real sample from VCarve for the Laguna Swift would help me decipher the VCarve postprocessor a bit more. Bri

Super exciting!

Holy Mackerel! Very nice.