He's almost done

Eyes will be molded separately and attached to the castings. Just gotta clean up the bottom a bit and then make the mold this weekend. Fingers crossed

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Do you mind sharing more details about this? I don’t know any of the back story, and I’m curious.

This will eventually be a mug. The internal shape is 3D printed and then monster clay is sculpted on top. Next step is to create a plaster mold, then slip cast with clay. Plaster molds are somewhat difficult because they are rigid and in this case the casting will also be rigid so its important to make sure there are no undercuts in the mold otherwise it will lock and be useless

I look forward to pictures of ongoing work. Good luck!

Also, it’s this moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (N64 game and personal childhood fav of mine :heart_eyes: )



Hanna, while it’s not exactly my cup of tea, your artistry and creativity is awesome. I’m seriously impressed!!! I cannot wait to see the finished cup.