Hermes 3D printer red tagged

It seems to be making piles of sad spaghetti.

Is anyone in charge of fixing this? I can take some time to try, but I don’t want to mess with it if someone else is already working on it.

Heya Alex,

Our 3D printing stewards are @pearlgreymusic and @Devmani, and they could give more insight

Is Hermes currently red tagged? I don’t think so.

Saw someone print on it successfully this past wednesday

Oh awesome! Thanks

Not sure who is currently printing on Hermes, but it looks like it’s still having some blobbing issues.

Paused Hermes.

Oh man it’s my print. I can come in a little over an hour and will clean it up. Any idea what the issue is with this? I’m using standard PLA settings

I’m not sure what it would be. Are you printing confirmed good parts/settings (stl/gcode)?
If not sure maybe print a known good part to confirm if it’s the printer or maybe the file.?

After looking closely at the parts that came out I think it didn’t have enough support. I think gcode error this time. I’m printing the same parts on Apollo but with full support instead of support to build plate only. Tomorrow I’ll test a smaller print I’ve done before to see if it was the printer or the gcode.